What’s In Season

Spring upon us, but summer is nearly here! Spring and Summer are the two seasons that outdoor living is most utilized. We encourage you to take the time and think about your living space. Do you host parties? Is this just an intimate space for you and your loved ones?
The space you use should reflect your lifestyle, much like your home. It can also change with the seasons. In the spring you hang baskets, in the fall you plant mums, and winter you can put in greens. Quality planters are a great way to get all season color and interest.
A Danchris tip is to use ‘drop in pots’ for your planters. These pots are removable so you don’t have to worry about removing soil in the winter. It also makes changing the flowers in them, quick and easy. Another bonus is that the planter isn’t too heavy to move.
Thinking about decorating for Spring? We will help you design your perfect Spring outdoor living space. Our garden center is full of inspiration!

In The Gift Shop – Spring and Summer


The beautiful part of living in the I-80 corridor of Illinois is our abundance of seasons. Our weather changes from week to week, but we can often predict specifics about our years: Winter is cold, spring is wet, summer is hot and humid, and fall is beautiful. It is exciting to live in the Illinois Valley with all the beauty from the seasons. Our current season is Spring and here are some of the things you can look forward to here this Spring:

  • Organic Gardening – We carry Natural Guard brand soils and fertilizers

  • Bee Friendly Soaps – Naked Bee (We carry the Orange Blossom Hand soap & lotion)
  • Good Earth Soap – Essential oils, soy lotions, and mosquito spray
  • Sallyeander No-Bite-me (natural mosquito repellent)
  • Deodorant Stones
  • Rescue Me hand salve
No-Bite-Me Mosquito Repellent

No-Bite-Me Mosquito Repellent

Deoderant Stones

Deoderant Stones

Fall Fest & Fairy Day

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Please join us for our annual Fall Fest and Fair Day!

Additional dates and details coming soon, stay tuned!

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