Sales Yard

Danchris in Bloom, Spring Trees
IMG_2407, fixed
Butterfly Garden

Out in our sales yard, we strive to keep plants in stock all season long. We have over 60,000 sqft dedicated to the garden center that is full of plants, statuary, stone, bulk items, and inspiration! Our knowledgeable staff can walk the premises with you and help with any questions. 

Pin-spiration – in a world of Pinterest it is always fun to see the creative items that come through here each year. We are active on our Pinterest account and try to show you ideas on how to achieve the garden you’ve always wanted. Some of the exciting pin-worthy ideas you will see at Danchris are the running recirculating bubbler, Unilock Paver Patio entrance (both permeable and non), planted dump truck, mature trees, and inspiring planters. 

Above I have some of the pin-worthy photos but also a small glimpse of our sales yard to show you just how unique and different our garden center is. Please stop in to see us and take photos!!!

Gift Shop

Whether you are coming from Ottawa, LaSalle, Peru, Pontiac, or just visiting from Starved Rock, Danchris nursery has a country home feel that is worth the drive. Our Gift Shop has a lot of one of a kind antiques, gift ideas and home decorating items. Below is only a few of the many gift ideas for anyone in your life, but if you still cannot decide, a Danchris Nursery Gift Card is always a good choice.

Coffee and Wall Sign Gift Shop
Fairy Land
Vintage Gift Shop Items

Our Gift Shops Includes but isn’t limited to…
Wall signs
Americana Decor
Jewelry (Nature Based)
Food – Dips/Door County Coffee
Fairy Garden Accessories
Religious Figures

Backyard Pharmacy

Fertilizer, Fungicide, Insecticide, pH Test, Etc.

Our backyard pharmacy is a specialized place to help take care of all your garden/yard needs. With brands like Ferti-lome, Hi-Yield, Natural Guard, Dr. Earth, and Milky Spore you are bound to have the best outcome. We have a slue of organic and inorganic solutions to many common problems; insect, anemia, and weeds.

Our lawn program: We have a 4 step graunular Ferti-lome lawn program that we recommend for the best yard on the block. 1. Crabgrass preventer plus lawn food 2. Weed-out plus lawn food 3. Iron plus lawn food. 4. Winterizer. Reminder: A good yard needs to
start off  leveled and picked. Rocks and glass will not make for a good future lawn.

If you are looking to improve your lawn and get rid of pesky turf weeds, we recommend strengthening your lawn with a mixture of grass seed, apply Ferti-lome New Lawn Starter to boost the seeds’ roots. After germination starts, apply Ferti-lome Weed-out to eliminate broad leaf weeds. This may need to be applied multiple times over the course of a summer. For  more detail talk to our staff.

Hanging baskets look great with continual fertilizer. We recommend using BOTH Ferti-lome Blooming & Rooting and Hanging Basket Food. Alternating these fertilizers every 3rd watering will give you constant blooms, green foliage, and lasting color.

For Vegetable gardens we strongly recommend using either our Bulk Compost or amending it with the Natural Guard Garden Soil. This soil has all the needed additions to improve your soil quality. In addition to the soil amendment, we recommend using our organic vegetable fertilizer. This is to be applied in the spring and again mid summer. We also carry a line of acid loving soil for foods like blueberries. For more questions please contact us.

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Yard Art

Everyone wants their own unique flair in their yard. Yard Art is a fun way to add your own touch. Simple things such as a wrought iron fence or angel statue can make the difference in the appearance in your gardens. These simple touches can have deeper meanings such a memorial or be fun personality touches such as a fairy garden or gargoyles.

Here are some of the many types of yard art we carry. If you are looking for something in particular, please feel free to come in and ask. We will do our best to help you find that perfect piece for your yard, a memorial, or as a gift.

Concrete in Green


We have a large selection of concrete and stone yard decor. The concrete pieces come either unfinished or stained. We can special order one of these items if we do not have them in stock. The natural stone animals come in many forms. Our best seller is the Owl.

Wind Chimes


The wind chimes we carry, really carry a tune. Each chime is tuned specifically to a particular sound and tone. For further effect, multiple chimes in the same tone will ring harmoniously. There are many on display for hearing in our gift shop.



Like color? Good! We recommend adding pops of color to your yard by planting up containers. Most ceramic planters come in a large array of colors and sizes. They are perfect for out in a yard or setting on a small deck. Many of these containers should be cleaned and brought in during cold months.

Garden Center


Art Poles are a wonderful way to add color to your yard. They are made from PVC which is strong but lightweight. The color is fade resistant and comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and themes. We have matching planters, birdhouses, and birdbaths as well. We have anything from floral, avian, patriotic, fall, winter, and memorial.

IMG_6936, fixed


The bird feeders we carry are quality made. We have some that are forged from recycled plastic and others that are metal. These feeders are sure to last and keep the birdwatcher happy.

Wrought Iron Fench


Nothings looks as classic as a piece of wrought iron. We have a large assortment of wrought iron pieces; from hurricane and bishop hooks to window boxes, we are sure to have something that you’re looking for.

Decorative Flags


These flags are a great accent to your yard. They fit most all flag stands and are permanently stained and weather resistant. There is a large array of shapes and sizes, with many designs

Miniature Gardens

Miniature Garden Scarecrow
Fairy Garden in Broken Fountain
Miniature Garden House and Animals

On trend this year is the ‘Fairy Garden‘ or miniature garden. They are small gardens that usually contain miniature homes, animals, and/or furniture. Just because they have a small name, doesn’t mean that cannot be elaborate. There are tons of homes and fairies to choose from. These miniature gardens also expand through seasons. There are ghosts, cemeteries, and pumpkins for fall and ice skates, snowmen, and wreaths for winter. These gardens aren’t just for children either, people of all ages are experimenting with miniature gardens…


Every good miniature garden starts with plants. They should be small enough that they do not overtake the fairies. We recommend some ground cover and annuals for continual pops of color. As for accessories the selection is limitless. We carry all kinds of homes, bridges, animals, and furniture. Don’t forget to give them a tire swing, wheel barrow, or natural stone to live with!