Shade Trees

These are NOT all the Shade Trees we carry. We have many more in stock. Feel free to call and ask questions!
Red Sunset Maple
Fall color Red Sunset maple
Acer platanoides - Crimson King Maple

Height: 30'-40'
Spread: 30'-40'

Crimson King Maples are known for their unique foliage
color. They stay a deep purple color throughout the entire
season. This tree is a slow growing, and has a dense,
nicely shaped head.
Acer rubrum 'Franksred' - Red Sunset Maple

Height: 40'-55'
Spread: 30'-40'

This red maple is known for its brilliant autumn color. The
color is retained longer than most maples' color. It has
thick, dense with an upright branching habit. This tree is a
great choice for shade trees.
Acer rubrum 'Magnificent Magenta' - Burgundy Belle Maple

Height: 40'-50'
Spread: 40'-50'

The Burgundy Belle maple gets its name from the fall
color it has. It starts off with a red color and progresses
into a deep burgundy. It possesses qualities that makes
it heat and drought tolerant.
Acer x freemanii 'Jeffersred' - Autumn Blaze Maple

Height: 50'-60'
Spread: 35'-45'

This maple is a cross between a silver maple and a red
maple. The silver side makes the tree grow rapidly while
the red side makes the tree have a stronger wood. It is a
well rounded tree because it does well in most soil types.
It has beautiful fall color and form.
Crimson King Maple
Crimson King Maple
Burgundy Belle Maple
Burgundy Belle Maple
Autumn Blaze Maple
Autumn Blaze Leaf

Height: 40'-70'
Spread: 35'-40'

This disease resistant tree can withstand water. It is
showy due to its paperbark trunks and feathery foliage. It
has dark green leaves that turn gold in the fall. Many
cultivars are clumped.
Gleditsia triacanothos (enermis) - Honey Locus

Height: 40'-50'
Spread: 20'-30'

This tree has a small and complex leaf which gives the
tree and airy look. It turns yellow in the fall and is drought
Ginko Biloba - Maidenhair Tree

Height: 50' - 80'
Spread: 30' - 50'

Ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest trees on earth. Its
unique leaves have been found in fossil records. This
tree has a beautiful trunk texture and natural shape. The
Fagus sylvatica - Tri-color Beech Tree

Height 25 - 40'
Spread: 10' - 20'

Beech trees come in many shapes and sizes. One of the
popular ones is called "Tricolor" because of the variations
Oblelisk" which has a columnar shape.
Carpinus - Hornbeam

Height: 40'-60'
Spread: 35'-40'

This tree has dark green foliage that turns golden in the
fall. It is known for the great shape it forms as the tree
Liriodendron tulipifera - Tulip poplar

Height: 70'-90'

This tree has an rounded oval shape. Its flowers emerge
in the spring time and are a yellow/green color. The
height is one of the tallest trees for shade. It is not low
Metasequoia glyptostroboidies - Dawn Redwood

Height: 70' - 100'
Spread: 30'-40'

This tree is very tall and turn bronze in the fall. Unlike
evergreens this tree loses its needles, so it is considered
Quercus bicolor - Swamp White Oak

Height: 50' - 60'
Spread: 25'-50'

This tree can tolerate water logged conditions. It has a
beautiful paperbark when it is young. The new leaves
have a fuzzy feel to them and become more rough as they
mature. The foliage is dark green and will turn to a yellow
Quercus macrophylla - Burr Oak

Height: 70'-80'
Spread: 30'-50'

This tree is known for the unique texture on its bark. It has
the appearance of cork. Its stunning broad leaves start off
in a dark green throughout the summer and turn a light
green or yellow in the fall.
Quercus rubra

Height: 60' - 70'
Spread: 30'-40'

Red Oaks are known for their beautiful red fall color. The
shape of the tree is very symmetrical and round top.
River Birch tree
River Birch Bark
Tri-color Beech
Ginkgo Fall Color
Ginkgo Leaf
Tulip Poplar
Tulip Poplar
Dawn redwood
Dawn Redwood
Swamp White Oak
Swamp White Oak Leaf
Burr Oak
Burr Oak Leaves
Red Oak Leaf
Red Oak
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