Ornamental Trees

These are NOT all the Ornamental Trees we carry. We have many more in stock. Feel free to call and ask questions!
Acer palmatum - Japanese maple
Height: 5' - 25'
Spread: 3'-20'

Japanese Maples come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and
colors. The leaves vary from lace-like to full and have
upright. The tree is a great ornamental addition to ponds
or any backyard landscape.
Bloodgood Japanese Maple
Japanese Maple
Amalanchier - Serviceberry
Height: 15' - 20'
Spread: 10' - 15'

This tree comes in clump and single stem. It has In mid
red and blue and are edible. In the fall the tree has
beautiful red orange color.
Cersis Canadensis - Weeping Redbud
Height: 20'-30'
Spread: 15'-25'

This tree comes in many forms. There are the standard
There are some cultivars that have white flowers, known
as a Whitebud.
Cersis Canadensis 'Forrest Pansy' - Redbud
Height: 20'-30'
Spread: 15'-25'

This form of Redbud emerges with a shiny red leaf and it
matures into a deep purple color. Its flowers are a dark
pink color and they blossom very early spring. Forest
Pansy Redbuds have a clump variety and a standard
Cornus pagoda - Pagoda Dogwood
Height: 15'-20'
Spread: 20'-25'

emerge in the spring. Following the flowers are tiny
blackish blue fruit. The tree turns a beautiful shade of red
in the fall. The branching pattern of this tree is in irregular
Cornus Florida - Flowering Dogwood
Height: 30'-40'
Spread: 10'-20'

This tree has stunning stark white flowers in the spring,
ornamental red fruit that appear after its done flowering.
In the fall the foliage color is purple.
Cornus mas - Cornelian Cherry
Height: 20'-25'
Spread: 15'-30'

This tree is one of the earliest blooming trees. The tree
blooms in early march when snow could still be on the
ground. It has a cherry red berry that emerges in the
Height: 15'-20'
Spread: 15'-20'

should be resistant from the disease known as rust. It
has beautiful white flowers in late spring and small red
fruit in the autumn. The foliage turns an orange color in
the fall
Magnolia soulangiana - Star Magnolia
Height: 8'-10'
Spread: 8'-10'

This Japanese Magnolia is known for its fragrant dense
green foliage that turns bronze in the fall.
Malus - Crabapple
Height: 25'-30'
Spread: 12'-18'

spring. After it is done blooming, there are typically red
fruit that follow. There is a variety of Malus called 'Spring
Snow' that is fruitless.
Malus - Tina Crabapple
Height: 10'-12'
Spread: 10'-12'

This crabapple is a weeping variety. It has white flowers
in the spring and has red berries there after.
Malus - Dwarf Crabapple
Height: 8'-12'
Spread: 8'-12'

These crabapple are dwarf ornamental trees. Most of
them have white flowers but the 'Coralburst' variety has
pink flowers. They are propagated to be resistant to many
diseases that crabapples are prone to get.
Prunus - Flowering Cherry
Height: 20'-25'
Spread: 15'-20'

This cherry tree has deep pink flowers, which makes it
very showy. The foliage has broze leaves which turn
green for the summer and reddish in the fall.
Pyrus Calleryana - Flowering Pear

Height: 25'-35'
Spread: 20'-25'

This tree is one of the largest of our ornamental trees. It
has stunning white flowers in the spring and retains a
perfect pear shape all season. It is resistant to Fireblight
Syringa reticulata - Japanese Tree Lilac

Height: 15'- 30'
Spread: 10' - 20'

Japanese tree lilacs have massive white flowers on
panicles in the summer. It blooms when a lot of other
plants are not in bloom. They are fragrant. This tree can
be single stemmed or clumped.
Fall Amelanchier
Flowering Amalanchier
Forest Pansy
Blooming Weeping Redbud
Pagoda Flowers and Leaves
Flowering Crabapple
Forest Pansy
Pagoda Dogwood
White Flowering Dogwood
Pink Flowring Dogwood
Yellow Dogwood
Cornus Mas
Hawthorn Flowers
Magnolia Tree
Star Magnolia
Dwarf Crab
Dwarf Crab
White Crab
Tina Flowers
Flowering Cherry Tree
Flowreing Cherry
Flowering Pear
Fall Pear
Japanese Maple
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