Fruit Trees

These are NOT all the Fruit Trees we carry. We have many more in stock. Feel free to call and ask questions!
Height: 10' - 25'
Spread: 10'-25'

This fruit is very well known. They have beautiful dark red
skins and are a classic!
Malus "Delicious" - Golden - Golden Delicious Apple
Height: 12' -20'
Spread: 10' - 15'

This is the sister fruit to the red delicious apple. Golden
delicious apples are known for being a "baking" apple.
They are often canned and made into pies.
Honeycrisp Apple
Height: 14' - 20'
Spread: 15' - 20'

This apple is known for its juicy, crisp bite, and sweet
flavor. The shelf life for one of these apples can be up to
seven months! The fruit is red with yellow accents.
Jonathan Apple
Height: 15' - 25'
Spread: 10'- 25'

This is another good tree for cooking, but best eaten right
off the tree. It also has a really powerful apple scent
associated with it.
Moongold Apricot
Height: 20' - 30'
Spread: 15' - 25

is good for picking off the tree, but also used in jams,
canning, and preserves. The flowers in the spring are
aromatic. (Must plant with Sungold for pollination)
Sungold Apricot
Height: 20' - 30'
Spread: 15' - 25'

The fruit is darker than moongold. The sungold has a true
apricot hue to it. It is an upright cultivar and will also do
well with canning and baking.
Prunus persica - Elberta Peach
Height: 15' - 25'
Spread: 8' - 20'

golden colors. It is juicy, which makes it perfect for eating
right of the branches. It will be a good peach for pie as
well. This tree needs at least 6-8 hours of sunlight to
produce a decent crop. It also needs to be watered often,
because it is not overly drought tolerant.
Prunus persica - Reliance Peach
Height: 15' - 20'
Spread: 15' - 20'

This tree is self pollinating. The Reliance peach was
named for its ability to withstand cold temperatures. It has
a small pit and the fruit is not hard to peal off of it.
Prunus avium- Bing Cherry Tree
Height: 20' - 35'
Spread: 12' - 25'

The bing cherry has been loved by many for a while. It has
a deep red fruit that is in the shape of a heart. It will
produce hearth healthy fruit that makes you wonder how
something so good tasting can be so good for you!
Prunus cerasus - Montmorency Cherry
Height: 12'  - 20'

The Monmorency cherry is our area's most known sour
cherry. It is used in pies and jellies. The color is VERY
CHERRY red. The tree is self-pollinating.
Prunus- Stella Cherry
Height: 12' - 25'
Spread: 12' - 20'

The Stella cherry has a sweet fruit, that is good for jams. It
is self pollinating. This tree can produce lot of fruit (even
at a young age). The flowers on the tree are another
attraction, which gives it some ornamental appeal.
Stella cherry
Cherry Crepes
Bing Cherry
Cherry Sherbert
Reliance Peach
Elberta Peach
Sungold Apricot
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Bushel of Honeycrisp
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Red Delicious
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