The Garden center has everything
 you need to have a perfect garden.

  • Outside
The outside of the shop has many displays and unique features.
There is an example pond, pondless waterfall, many fully grown
plants and manicured gardens.

Our outdoor nursery carries thousands of trees, shrubs, grasses,
perennials, water plants and annuals to stock the perfect yard. So
come and pick your perfect plant!

Also, we carry statuary perfect for any o
ccasion. There are
birdbaths, fountains, animal statues, stepping stones, many
religious figures, wrought iron fencing and trellises, and beautiful
pottery of all colors, sizes, and designs to decorate your yard. If you
like one of our white concrete pieces but would like it in color, we
also custom paint the statuary to fit your colorful needs.

Are you interested in a little color in the winter? We have some
beautiful natural stone items on display at the shop. We carry
massive granite boulders, Pink Mica boulders, natural outcropping,
cedar ridge and blue river cut stone, Wisconsin boulders, and
natural stones in the form of wallstone, flagstone, and
steppingstone. So come and get some of your hardscape today!

  • Indoors
The inside garden center carries Ferti-lome, Hi-Yield, American
Brand, and Natural Guard products for every occasion. We also
carry garden tools, knee pads, sprinkler systems, water meters,
more quality pots to plant in, potting mixes, pump sprayers, and
yard spreaders. If you have a question about our products, please
ask one of our employees. They will be able to find an answer to
your question.
Garden Center
Danchris Nursery and Landscaping
Left to Right: Angie Haar, Afton Salata, Deb White, Joani Babczak, Arlette
Salata, Anna Blakemore, and Jenna Salata